Why Are We Still Talking about Richard Sherman?

Have we discussed Richard Sherman’s rant to the point of nausea yet? No? Well let’s continue the conversation then. After having slept on this topic two consecutive nights (without losing sleep) I’m convinced there’s a perfectly good reason I did not lose sleep over Richard Sherman’s interview or the way he carried himself. Nor do I find fascinating his Communications degree from Stanford the week before Super Bowl XLVIII. I’m neither interested nor disinterested in his apology, his arrogance, or his Compton roots. I would have preferred some actual insight to the play he made during Erin Andrew’s interview, but it doesn’t bother me that he took the route he did. I’m actually not surprised by his remarks. In fact, Richard Sherman gave football fans exactly what we wanted. Good football.

I was a bit surprised by the social backlash toward Sherman because I didn’t realize America’s expectations of him were so high. He’s been a loud talking attention seeker his whole career which seemed to be exemplified this season due to the team’s success. He has never shied away from a camera, a debate or an opportunity to say what was on his mind. And there is nothing wrong with that. It’s part of being in the NFL spotlight.

So why are we still talking about this rant?

A long time ago a mentor taught me the fundamentals of conversation, as well as what motivates people to talk. There are several factors of course that drive people to talk about a brand, product or service. If we consider what made the entire country talk about Richard Sherman, it could potentially be reduced to his relevance and his authenticity.

First, Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks just won the NFC Championship Game and a trip to the Super Bowl. And everyone in America was watching! I would say that game and the play he made were very relevant to NFL fans everywhere; especially in populous cities like New York, Denver, San Francisco and Seattle. Millions of people were emotionally invested in the outcome of that game, and apparently, no one more emotionally charged than Sherman himself. Now consider what we know about brands, services, products and people. If the topic is relevant, people (fans) will talk. And if influential people (fans) are talking, the word is spreading. Then trending. Then viral.

Secondly, Richard Sherman is authentic. His style, his story, his mouth, his education, his hair, his ability to lockdown wide receivers and even his post-game interviews. That is pure Richard Sherman. His own personal brand if you will. He can say what he wants about those actions not accurately depicting who he really is off the field, and that may be true and fine. If you watched his interview though, you saw raw emotion. Spit flying, shit talking, testosterone raging, Compton roots, I’m going to the Super Bowl after just making the play of the game!

Sherman showed authenticity, his true colors in that particular moment. He has a side to him that no one else on either team could have showed; because they are naturally and definitely nurtured differently, than Richard Sherman. That was an authentic persona of playing defensive back in the NFL.

At the end of the day Richard Sherman may in fact be a good guy. But will NFL fans ever really care what kind of guy he is?

3 thoughts on “Why Are We Still Talking about Richard Sherman?

  1. I too, was surprised with the reaction to Sherman. The controversy exposes a flaw in our expectations of professional athletes. Sherman’s bravado and his level of ability are interconnected. It takes a certain level of arrogance to do what he does and no one should be surprised or offended by it.

  2. Sherman is all yap off the field. The guy must be so insecure within to be selling the innuendo he just showed with the #89 Doug Baldwin cardboard cutout press conference.

    Some of us keep in mind that we are setting an example for others, when we are living in the public spotlight. Richard may think his perspective or his ideas of what is ideal should be pushed on all people in society. That type of attitude is fascist, discriminatory and must always be stood against firmly.

    I see so many good people in the NFL, they set and example and inspire people from all walks of life to relate to their story in some way. I see Richard’s dad and think, wow what a strong hardworking man, getting up at 3am everyday. Never stole money from Richard or expected anything from the looks of it. Why Richard thinks he needs to jump up and down in the press conference, stealing the positive vibes from another, screaming out laughing to get some sort of needless attention, it all says a lot about who he is at this very moment.

    Bring your negative and parasitic attitude to the face of the person you are humiliating. I can guarantee you that they would not back down, and would put you in your place quicker than you could say “Boo”.

    Ever see Alzado vs Ali, ???? make it happen if you have the guts. contact: knight intelligence at mail dot com.

    You look pathetic and we all expect more from someone in your position of influence. You could be a leader, Sherman. You look like the #1 diva in the league. Real tough guy, acting like a attention starved bi0tch.

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