My first love was playing sports and my second was writing. This is the place where the two come together.

Since enjoying a few cups of coffee in the National Football League and abroad, Inkrott has spent his career studying the social sciences and economics; in search for intersections where sports, nutrition, and agriculture stimulate the economy and influence societal issues.

Mark Inkrott was a tight end in the NFL for three years. He played for the Carolina Panthers, New York Giants and spent one NFL Europe season in Cologne, Germany. In his professional career, Inkrott played 15 games, caught 15 passes and scored one touchdown. He graduated from Ottawa Glandorf High School and played collegiate at the University of Findlay where he ranks in several top receiving categories and graduated with degrees in English and Psychology.

Following his NFL career, Inkrott earned a MBA in Marketing and Leadership from Ohio Dominican University while working in radio as a color commentator for high school and college football in Columbus, OH. Mark currently resides in Chicago, IL where he serves as President of the UpField Group.