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It’s been a few months since we opened our doors and now that the dust has settled a bit, I wanted to again say thank you for your friendship, well wishes, and for allowing us to share our very first newsletter with you.

As we enjoy the final weeks of summer here in the Midwest, Friday night lights are again shining on high school football, the pageantry of college game day has begun, and the NFL has brought us football on Sunday (and Monday and Thursday, on demand on Tuesday and anytime we want it throughout the week on their network.) By the way, did you know that according to a recent Global Web Index poll, 65% of Americans say they are fans of the NFL? At UpField, we’re excited to have our favorite sport back, and even more excited to be working with our football clients; Fuel Up to Play 60, the NFL Alumni Association, and Glazier Clinics.

Our team here at UpField has been extremely busy moving the ball down the field for our clients. We’re developing new business opportunities and most recently signed a merchandise licensing agreement for a client. We have taken positive steps in the right direction as a new company, and as we look at where we have been and where we are going, we recognize that we are in the business of strategically connecting organizations and causes while simply trying to help people.

Best of luck to your team this season and thank you again for being a part of our professional network.


4 thoughts on “Updates from UpField

  1. Mark, I enjoy reading about your company’s progress and wish you success! We now live pretty close to Brandon, FL, so if you are in the area we would enjoy getting together with you. Our phone number is 727-940-8484.

    Uncle Jim

  2. As I read this I am fondly reminded of one of our many early morning chats in your office. It was one of my infamous spirit-lifting, cheerleader conversations filled with my less than creative analogies about time and perspective being relative. On this particular day I believe the topic centered around you going back to school and me assuring you that you would be done before you knew it, after which time you would be off to bigger & better things and within a few years I would be saying, “I knew him when.” Well, my friend, that day has come. I hope you are as proud of what you have accomplished as I am.

    • I loved the spirit-lifting and cheerleader conversations but what I needed was your challenging “but why and to what end” talks… I used to get so frustrated at you!
      I seriously can’t thank you enough so I won’t begin to try here. I hope to see you soon, my friend.

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