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My Fellow American

By Zach Wobler

I am a United States Army Ranger. I am 23 years old, I look 32, and feel like I am 50. On a daily basis I put my body through hell, so when needed I can move further, faster, and fight harder, for you. I do not choose my battlefields. I do, however, choose my citizenship. I am a patriot. I bleed red, white, and blue, for you. I have a three year old daughter. I’ve missed 2/3 of her life. Everyday I think of my friends that have died and I fight back tears. I carry a set of dog tags in my pocket, lest I forget. I spend my holiday season staring at a six inch fiber optic Christmas tree that my Mother sent me. I pray for forgiveness. I’ve done things that I’m not proud of, but I’m not ashamed of them either, because I did them for you. I prefer the road less traveled. I don’t do what I do for personal recognition, glory, pity, or money. I do it for you, my fellow Americans. And now I ask one thing of you. Stand behind us. If you choose to degrade my Commander-in-Chief for his decisions, try living in one of the nations of the oppressed. Our nation is a strong, proud nation capable of defeating any enemy. But to do it, we must all, civilians and soldiers, stand behind each other. Visit Arlington National Cemetery, those are my brothers in arms, my friends, and OUR fellow Americans.



February 6th 2005 Zach sacrificed his life for his country.

I was fortunate to have known an American hero; Zach Wobler. Staff Sergeant in the United States Army. I brought that hero to Ottawa Glandorf High School every morning for three years as well as home from football and track practice. Usually the long way; down stone roads and after heart to heart talks about everything under the sun. We laughed; we talked serious; we did stupid shit and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Some of the best advice I have ever heard came while I was in high school.  To paraphrase Mrs. Leis, my high school English teacher:

Who you are and will become in this world is mainly due to the people you surround yourself with… The people around you influence you, and impact you, and help shape your life; so embrace all those around you, even if you don’t know why they are around you…. Become the person you truly feel comfortable being. And acknowledge the best in people… Everyone is a gift in some way. Don’t be afraid to be who you truly are because others are waiting for you to do so.   Listen to your hearts and make decisions in your life with confidence, and for good.

Zach made the ultimate decision for us… Thank you brother. Godspeed.

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