The Dance

My friends Ty and Cassie shared their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Rhoad last night in a quaint and beautifully decorated reception hall in Northwest Ohio. I was honored to be a member of their wedding party and while we were in the basement of the church before the ceremony, the famous wedding dance YouTube video came up in conversation. I’d like to say that we entered the Lutheran church to Forever by Chris Brown like the video wedding party, but we saved our big entrances for the reception hall. (Which by the way, everyone said Jessica and I had the best entrance! – Besides Ty and Cassie of course)

I will remember Ty and Cassie’s wedding day for a number of reasons. There were some special moments though that especially come to mind: a smile from Cassie, a hug from Ty, a conversation with Ty’s father, a dance with Ty’s mother, and literally hours of laughter and jokes with our friends.

Creating brand association as memorable and emotional as that of a wedding day can also be accomplished by being authentic and original. Just as the video shows an original wedding party entrance, a brand with authentic, never-seen-before elements creates a branding scenerio that that people will remember and ultimately talk about.

Those of us at the wedding will definitely be talking about the best man’s speech this week but I won’t attempt to explain that. Some things you just have to experience for yourself to really appreciate them. With that said, if you haven’t seen this wedding dance, I hope you appreciate it as much as I did and if you are reading Invizzible Ink to increase your brand’s exposure in the market, I hope you can appreciate the originality and authenticity of the dance.

The things I love about this video from a marketing perspective are the unexpectedness of the procession and originality behind the decision. Two elements essential in WOM success that makes a brand talkable are originality and surprise. The wedding party certainly surprised the congregration with their original entrance and you can bet the topic of conversation later that night at the reception was about their big entrance.

If we create buzz around our brands like this bride and groom did on their wedding day, we can safely assume customers will find our brands. Over 42.5 million visitors have viewed the wedding dance video on YouTube. Wouldn’t it be nice if 42.5 million visitors heard about your brand and went online to see for themselves?

One thought on “The Dance

  1. Great post Mark. I've seen that youtube video several times and it always makes me cry (must be that wedding thing.) I think I read somewhere that the wedding couple on the video set up some type of charity funding for victims of abuse after their video went viral on youtube because of the whole Chris Brown thing.

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